Weekly Dev Update – October 2nd, 2015


Hey everybody!

This week was another one of super sexy admin! It’s tax time for us, which means a bunch of paperwork to fill out and numbers to get in order. It’s a good thing I have you all and this game to make it all worthwhile because this stuff is slowly killing me!

Next week will be much more programming fun. Speaking of which, if you have any suggestions of programming topics you’d like to hear more about, I’d love to hear them in the forums!


Hi Guys.

This week I’ve been doing paperwork and LOD’s. Both things that inspire an abundance of joy joy feelings in any person, living or dead.



This week I worked on cranking out plotpoint text — trying to do 4-6 a day. I don’t need the whole set of planned plotpoints to implement the system, so I’m working on the reduced set first. After that I’ll write the data exporter, and then adapt a previous prototype for the gamecode. Then we’ll “technically” have missions.

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