Weekly Dev Update – November 21st, 2014


Hey everybody! This week, I focused on un-borking character AI so they could go about their daily routine without freaking out, sleeping all the time or sitting on each other at the lunch table. As entertaining as all that was, it was nice to see the crew getting some work done.

Since I got done with integrating Dave’s mission execution, it was also a big priority for me this week to be able to actually see the text output of what was happening. So, I integrated a quick-and-dirty first-pass of mission reports. They come in immediately, are printed on printer paper and allow the player to abort the mission, which is executed when they should report in next.

One big thing with station construction that I still needed to get around to was being able to actually access different floors of the astrobase. We can build vertically but there is currently no way for a crew member to leave the central “floor”. So, I’m integrating connectors as a quick-and-dirty path for walking between floors (to be used later primarily as horizontal/vertical elevators).


This week I worked on procedural story text for locations. There are currently two categories of procedural story data. The first is transitory, and these are stories that “travel” with a character, such as artifacts but also pathogens and various other objects that can drive a narrative (tribbles, anyone?). The second category is location-based narrative, and these are tied to a given terrain feature of a planet during an away mission.

It’s this category I’ve been working on recently, and specifically the narrative gen for frozen oceans, seas, and lakes (they happened to be the first set of location ids). Obviously, different things can happen on a glacier than say in the depths of an acid cave which is why they need to be categorized.


Hi. This week, as you might have seen, I finished up the first pass on the procedural portrait generation. It is far from finished but at least they look a lot less derp than before. Progress has truly been made. Other than that I have gotten cracking on the in-game 3D representation of our main UI elements.

In order to tie things together the plan is to have several components exist as 3d objects for the player to interact with rather than everything being a 2D overlay on top of the game.

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