Weekly Dev Update – May 22nd, 2015

This week has been another business and administration heavy week for everyone except Daniel, next week should have non-art updates aswell.


Greetings Skinjobs!

This week I’ve been working at getting the new hair finished and put in game. This included sculpting the hair, adjusting the low-res meshes, baking normal maps, and painting in some nifty alpha. The alpha channel (rgbA) is used to give the edge of the hair a nice and soft transition where it meets the head. This is done in order to avoid having a super sharp high contrast jagged polygonal line where the two surfaces meet. It’s not a very advanced solution but it does the job well enough for our needs.

Now, the remaining thing with the hair would be to make a custom shader since the specularity of hair doesn’t appear as the specularity of a regular surface would. Of course on an individual hair level it does but for bunches of a hundred thousand the very small detail and curvatures change how we perceive the composite specularity. Of course having it using a regular shader, while not realistic, looks pretty good. So we might want to stick with it for aesthetic values.

Hair WIP

Note: Apparently floating mannequin heads are not allowed to have eyeballs.

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