Weekly Dev Update – March 11th, 2016


Hey everybody!

As part of the AI brain transplant, I’ve dumped an old AI solution we were using for crew navigation around the station. I’m in the process of writing a custom implementation that’s much lighter and optimized for our particular use case.


You can see in the image above the debug data showing the generated path network. Intersections are represented by green spheres, green lines are walkways, the shorter magenta lines are lanes on either side of that path leading to and from the connected intersections and the blue lines are door connections between modules. We’ve got vertical traversal in as well.

Over the weekend, I’m hoping to finalize this implementation, as well as extend it to sections. This will allow us to easily define how a crew member will be able to navigate inside a given section and interact with its different elements.


This week I started the process of mapping out the traits given the finalized balance distribution. Also worked a bit on the business side of things.


Hi guys!
This week I’ve been working on finishing up some effects i was working on. After that I worked on a name tag GUI, so we can display some of the info about specific crew members without forcing the player to go into a promotion application or duty roster.

To finish the week off I worked on the design of punch-cards for on station communication use.

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