Weekly Dev Update – July 17th, 2015


Hi Everybody!

This week I’ve mainly worked on the face meshes. I’m working to get a base mesh that has the flexibility of being adjusted to allow for different face shapes, parts and variations among those. While also making sure that it is light weight enough to have many faces on screen at once, and making sure that it has the ability to support the possibility of facial animations should we find the time and budget to add such things.

I guess the TL;DR would be: I spent this week making faces, again.


Hey there Space-friends!

It feels good to finally be back online and working on our favorite space nerdfest again! I spent the last few weeks working out an emergency move to a different location in Montreal. Glad that’s done!

This past week, I focused my time on fixing up a bunch of the existing code to accommodate connectors in our construction flow. The tl;dr version is that the code previously assumed that all station modules contained rooms and could be walked through. However, we now distinguish between peripherals, walkable modules and walkable modules with rooms inside them! I know code architecture isn’t the sexiest thing in the world, but I for one am glad to know that particular problem will be sorted for future station parts!

I also spent some time working on character conversations. I haven’t touched the AI code in months, so getting two people to stop each other in the hallway to start a fully-fledged conversation based on one of Dave’s awesome conversation systems is going to take some doing.

Dave only just wrapped up his own move, which was much more dramatic than mine. He drove all the way across Canada to move into Vancouver.



But, after a long road trip, he’s back online and starting to tackle missions again. You’ll hear from all of us next week!

See you then!

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