Weekly Dev Update – February 28th, 2015


Hello everybody!
This week I’ve spent mainly making parts for projectile weapons. The main challenge with this is to make sure all the different pieces work together while at the same time giving enough variety to be worth it.

Currently there are well over 1000 different permutations of them. I made a little video to illustrate some options. These combinations are completely random so some might not look as good as others.


This week I worked on upgrading our procedurally generated planet weather system into something more detailed that I could tie into missions.

One thing that’s become clear is that most missions will probably take place on lifeless/barren planets, and this case needs to be just as interesting and tense as the planet filled with creatures and relics of a lost alien civilization.


This week, I worked on cleaning up and converting the remaining desk elements like the inbox, rolodex, game clock, program cartridges, as well as improving how you interact with everything you can move around on the desk.

With all that done, I’ll be able to focus on updating our characters with Daniel’s new assets, make some graphical tweaks to improve overall performance and up the prettiness factor to 11.

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