Weekly Dev Update – December 5th, 2014


Greetings fellow human beings. This week started with me polishing the 3D UI components as well as adding some new ones. After that I worked on a new layout for the ID cards and for the printed labels on the Datapad cartridges.

What’s tricky with both of these is to display enough information on them but not so much that it becomes too difficult to read or just take in key information from a glance. Usually, one way to do this is to look at what the most modern styles look like since they tend to be optimized a bit better. However, for something like ABC I can not stray too far towards modern or it will clash with everything so an in-between solution has to be figured out.

Once I got done with that I made the Decontamination and Holding Cell sections. I like how they turned out but for those kept in the Holding Cell it’s best not to be too shy as anyone walking by can currently see the combined shower/toilet quite clearly.


Over the past several days, I’ve spent some time designing some mouse icons. It turns out that getting into such small a scale took more forethought and experimentation than I was expecting to keep everything readable.

I’ve also been helping Dave develop some scenario chunks for the AI Storyteller. This involves writing up bits of events that the storyteller can flag and use to build up a bigger storyline, bit by bit. I’ve written about 60 different scenarios for forest region events, and have now moved on to dry and dust region events, which will result in another 80-90 story building blocks to work with.

Let’s just say that the away teams are going to find that the universe is a pretty dangerous place to explore. But then it wouldn’t be an adventure if it wasn’t, would it?


Still working on the v3 system for procedural narrative generation. It’s taking a bit longer than I’d like, but here are the steps and where I am at:

1) Designing the overview that allows me to plan each subplot & keep track of everything
2) Designing/writing the data itself
3) Writing a script that verifies the data.
4) Designing the system codes that will be used to represent the data in the db
5) Writing the exporter from human-readable design format to db format <--- I am here 6) Writing the code classes that load the data into code from the database (will adapt from v2 sytem) 7) Writing the storygen code (will adapt from v2 sytem)Looking to get it all in by Monday, if I can push through the weekend.


Following up on the integration of the 3D desk GUI, I’ve been rolling the character rolodex into it as well. It’s been nice taking debug GUI out of the game in favor of actual stuff that are fun to interact with.

I’m looking forward to showing off the final product, as there’s something uniquely satisfying about moving documents around, manipulating the datapad and flipping through the rolodex.

Next step is to get the datapad on the desk. Once that’s done, I’ll finalize the tweaks I need to some of the datapad programs so we can get a playable build out to you!


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You've probably already explained this somewhere else, but I can't be bothered to try and find it; What's the rolodex?

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