Weekly Dev Update – August 28th, 2015


Hey everybody!
This week was another one for admin, project management and the like! I did manage to squeeze in a bit of AI work, but I’ll have more to say on that next week. See you then!


Hi Guys.
This week I’ve spent working on the procedural heads, got both the mesh and texture getting generated procedurally and looking nice doing it. They aren’t all super-models but generally they don’t end up looking broken, which is a bigger feat than you might think.

Procedural Head WIP
Note: Still missing both eyebrows and eyelashes. Oh! And eyeballs!


We have a self-imposed internal milestone in a couple of weeks to get the base mission behavior in the game. I’ve been working towards that, with my nose buried in speadsheets. Last week I went through all the procedural plotpoint types that are specifically initiated by trait interaction with the enviornment.

The immediate design challenge is the following needs to be true:
1) if a character has a trait — say “Rough Around the Edges” (trait #208) his actions will differ from someone who has a different trait such as “Social Butterfly” (trait #229) in certain situations, and the player says “Yep, that guy is really Rough Around the Edges!”
2) The same character isn’t always doing the same thing. We don’t want the player to say “Oh, he’s in the procedural room called ‘Rugged Crater’ I know the “Rough Around the Edges” guy does X here because he always does the same thing on rugged terrain.
3) The system design can’t rely on too much “hand written” content for uniqueness of each scenario, because that blows up too quickly (which is why we are a system-heavy rather than content-heavy game)

So this week I came up with a design solution, which gives me the weekend to do enough data (or at the very least, the two necessary matricies) to see it in action.

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