Weekly Dev Update – August 26th, 2016


Hello everybody!

This week I focused primarily on desk usability. We added a new stamp to make approving paper-based forms more satisfying. It’s simple, feels good and makes a satisfying plastic “kachunk”. I also made it possible to stamp documents a bunch of times and anywhere on the paper, so we can have funny moments stamping like madmen.

I also worked on a bunch of quality of life improvements, like keyboard shortcuts to launch a datapad program, clicking the desk edge to open the desk and giving papers slight rotations when putting them down on the desk so they all look perfectly aligned.

All this work will continue to reinforce the feeling of being in the leader’s seat, as opposed to being this disembodies omniscient god micro-managing everyone.


This week I finished up the game-final personality system design. It was a huge effort, but it’s finally just the way it needs to be. :slightly_smiling_face: Next up is moving onto the game-final missions, which on my end is the last major piece blocking a public release!


Hi everybody!
My week has been spent working on the desk, creating assets for Adam to implement. Mainly it’s been focused on how to make the in-box and cartridge-case do their job better. As you might understand, the underlying goal for our work for the last while has been to improve the desk, the items on it, and the players interactions with it.

Since we’re using the desk instead of having a hundred GUI windows to click buttons in, it becomes extremely important that we get the desk right. It needs to not only allow the player to easily and clearly perform actions but it also needs to make sense in the universally recognized physical space of a desk.

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