Weekly Dev Update – April 10th, 2016


Hi Everybody!

This week has been a bit lower intensity the previous one for me, going at too high a speed for too long is not good for humans.
Anyway, what I’ve been working on is more GUI stuff. Trying to figure out a good way to combine readability and style in order to get more contextual information to the player.

It again, like many things I’ve talked about in the past, ends up being a question about balance. You want as much of both as possible, but usually you need to choose. Most of the time the choice is a gradient between the two options so it ends up being a quest to figure out what serves the game the best on the scale from pretty to useful.


This week I worked on categorization for the new words going into the word bank, in order to match the recently completed trait re-design. This is part of the larger tasks of improving the 1st pass / demo quality data in the narrative system into its final form.


I spent the better part of this week catching up on admin that was set aside while we wrapped up this last milestone. However, since I couldn’t help myself, I spent some time addressing bugs that came up with the slew of new features we recently added.

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