The Membranous Plant: Your Generator When You Crave That Sweet Biochemical Energy

The Membranous Plant! For all your biochemical energy production needs!

Daniel – @Polygonatron

Hi everyone!

This week I’ve been continuing my work on the social rooms. It’s great fun to be able to put in some focused time to get these right and create interesting new designs.

Adam – @adam_blahuta

Hey space-friends!

I’m glad to finally be coding full-time on the project again! My first priority this week was to improve our development quality of life. I started with a bunch of overdue bug fixes that were blocking off areas of the game and freezing our editor on a regular basis. I then tackled a new loading feature that allows us to only load the parts of the game we need at that moment (station, crew, scenery, desk, debug terminal). This saves us a lot of loading time when we’re focused on a particular feature.

I was also glad to be able to pick up desk work again. My primary focus for this week was working on the inbox, since it’s our primary means of communication with the player with regards to important events. With the new functionality, it’s now possible to receive a new recruit application, read it over, stamp it for approval and then toss it into the outbox to confirm the recruitment order. It’s incredibly satisfying!

This week was also about making Daniel happy as he’s been chugging away on desk assets and hasn’t been able to see them in action yet. Looking forward to share some screenshots once everything’s up and running!

Dave – @Dave_Astrobase

Hey guys,

This week I’ve been working on the part of missions that has to do with the interaction of the planet, and the systemic game balance for all the things that can happen to a character!

Max – @Max_Shields

Greetings, glorious crew members!

I’ve been working on some strategic outreach options to synergistically leverage launch exposure (i.e. chatting up people that can get the word out when the time comes). This sort of thing needs to happen well in advance so that everything is in place and ready to go at the right time to achieve maximum impact.

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