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A Small Update – Astrobase Command Dev Update – January 13th 2019

This week we're back with a new minor build (0.3.2) on the and the regular updates of what our week has been like. First, let's look at the patch notes from the new build. Astrobase Command 0.3.2 Closed Alpha Patch Notes: Changes - You should no longer be able to...

Starting a New Year – Astrobase Command Dev Update – January 4th 2019

This week we're back to regular blog posts informing you about what's going on on a week to week basis. We managed to put out a new alpha build on the 24th along with the last blog post before this one (and we also got out a patch for some...

All the Little Things – 16th Dec 2018

Hi Everybody! This week we're talking about some of the other small, medium, and even big things we've been working on since we last put out an Alpha update (aside from the Astrofleet app in our last post). There's a mix of station simulation event features, UI/UX changes, and upgrades...

Weekly Dev Update – April 29th, 2016

Procedural chatting: Crewman Greer's lack of diplomacy concerning Ensign Crawford's personal hygiene is poorly received. Daniel Hi Everybody! This week(s) I’ve again spent finding stuff that’s broken and fixing them as I go. For example I found a little bug that made faces look bad, now they should appear at...

Powerful Art

This convo is making my nose bleed. Can we talk about space stations, please? And 'splosions maybe? - Adam Time for another short dev update! High Energy Art (more…)

Astrobase Dev Update: Combat, Mining, and Pricing

First off, let's get this serious business out of the way: Go Space Habs, go! Beat the Star Rangers! This zero-g hockey game should be a good one, tonight, folks. Keep your eyes peeled on the projectrons and don't miss a second of the action. May the best spacers win!...
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