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Engage Hyperdrives! The Astrobase Command Kickstarter is live

NOW HEAR THIS! We're super excited to announce that the Astrobase Command Kickstarter just launched a few minutes ago. Thanks for sharing the journey with us so far. We're looking forward to an exciting ride with all of you over the next month. Keep helping to spread the word, every...

Conversation Engine: Astrobase Command Has The Best Words

Hey everybody, we felt bad about not giving you a little bit more Astrobaseyness before the end of the year. So here's a special dispatch from our secret dev lair under a glacier in the frozen North. Dave - @Dave_Astrobase This week the task has been designing the release-final conversation...

Combustion Plants: Powering Your Way To a Cozier Space Station

Daniel - @Polygonatron Hi everybody! This week I've finally gotten back to properly work on more sections or rooms. Specifically I'm working on the Biochemical Plants (power generators, not flowers and such this time). It's very nice to be able to work on something less interconnected than GUI for a...
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