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Bug Squashing, Save Games, and Combat Design | Astrobase Command Dev Update – 23 April 2018

Daniel - @Polygonatron Hi Everybody! Another week of intense planning and organizational work for me. Not much to talk about there. But it's getting there! The future is looking all planned and stuff.   Max - @Max_Shields Hi y'all! My plate was filled with foley work and populating the GUI...

Got Management? – Astrobase Command Dev Update – 16 April 2018

Adam - @adam_blahuta Hey everybody! With the recent addition of a new programmer, work on save files has picked back up nicely. On top of my responsibilities keeping him unblocked and well-fed with tasks, I've done a bunch of project management work to keep programming clear on its objectives and...

Jellyfish School of Design: Managing the Beast

By now, you know that we really like to talk about game design around here. However, making games isn’t just about slinging code, and pushing pixels. What's in a game? Making them involves getting many tasks to come together at the right time to ensure that a working product eventually...
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