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Astrobase Command Novel, Chapter 7

Merry Christmas everyone! Today, Chapter 7 sees the light as our valiant crew struggles to find the means to get off their Astrobase to gather some supplies. Chief Vong, the station's newly-minted Chief Engineer, has been tinkering with one of the station's hyperspace anchors. The arcane technology may hold the...

Branching Out In Novel Ways: Astrobase Command Dev Update – 15 Dec 2017

=== Incoming transmission === Hi everyone, Astrobase Command's special focus on procedurally generated character stories provides a wonderful canvas for  powerful storytelling. Most importantly, our vision is that there is no single story for your crew to follow. Instead, you are free to live your own adventure in your own universe. As a...

AI Personalities: Adam Recounts His Journey Down The Rabbit Hole

Adam - @adam_blahuta Hey fellow space junkies! The creative journey of game development is very strange. If your goal is to engage players with novel experiences, design innovation is a powerful tool. The inherent challenge is that it's difficult to understand a problem in a vacuum. You have to try...
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