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We've been kicking around what to do with the HUD since at least July. This is a chronicle of our journey. I'll spare you the awful mockups/prototypes. Iteration 1, 2 and 3: Standard 4x game HUD There is a lot of information a player could potentially want to see on...

RTSGuru Interview Part Deux

Hey again everyone! Check out Part 2 of our interview with RTSGuru here!

RTSGuru Interview!

We sat down with the folks at RTSGuru and discussed our origins, inspiration for the game and thoughts on the industry! Check it out! http://www.rtsguru.com/article/6653/We-Interview-the-minds-behind-Astrobase-Command-Part-1.html

First Media Coverage and 100 Likes!

Sooooo... we ended up on Rock Paper Shotgun today. nnnnngngggggOh my god I can't get over how cool that is! Thanks to Adam Smith for taking the time to visit our little corner of the Internet and help us make some new friends! We've already gotten a lot of love...
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