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There’s Something Rotten in Gamemark

Putting The Fun Back Into Crowdfunding This week, we won't be providing you much of an update about how work is coming along on Astrobase Command (it is, we swear!) Rather, we want to take the opportunity to open a discussion with all of you on the state of crowdfunding...

Dev Video Update #2 – Criminals, Character Animation, and Lore

In our second update, we tackle more questions from our community: 1. Will there be random crime on the station? Will characters be able to investigate it? (0:21) 2. How animated will characters be? (3:34) 3. Who are the characters? Where do they come from? How do they fit into...

Cargo Container Full o’ News

Hey guys! Wanted to give everyone an update what's been going on with Astrobase Command. We're hard at work towards implementing a full playable version we can use for Steam Early Access. There's a vibrant community on our forums, so if you want to participate in shaping the game head...

Astrobase Command Dev Video Blog #1

Hello everyone, Our first video blog is now up. In our first installment, Dave, Adam, and Daniel answer questions submitted by the Astrobase Command community: 1. How is having a full time artist impacting the project, and would it have affected the Kickstarter? 2. How much of an impact will...
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