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Weekly Dev Update – July 15th, 2016

Adam Hey everybody! This week I wrapped up the last bit for missions with a placeholder mission reward system, yielding resources on return. I spent the rest of the week wrapping up the current milestone by knocking out a bunch of problematic bugs and minor features. This should allow me...

Weekly Dev Update – June 24th, 2016

Nous ne pouvons manquer cette occasion pour souhaiter une bonne Saint-Jean-Baptiste à toutes et à tous! And now for something completely different: Adam Hey everyone! This week was dominated by yet another move, as well as a bunch of urgent admin work. I did spend a bit of time on...

Weekly Dev Update – April 29th, 2016

Procedural chatting: Crewman Greer's lack of diplomacy concerning Ensign Crawford's personal hygiene is poorly received. Daniel Hi Everybody! This week(s) I’ve again spent finding stuff that’s broken and fixing them as I go. For example I found a little bug that made faces look bad, now they should appear at...

Powerful Art

This convo is making my nose bleed. Can we talk about space stations, please? And 'splosions maybe? - Adam Time for another short dev update! High Energy Art (more…)

Jellyfish Spreading Round The World

Global Reach It's been quiet for a while because the team was spread across the globe, working our magic on intrastellar goodwill away missions. Although this has slowed our work somewhat, our wayward tribbles are quickly being herded back home where they will be put to good work or tossed...
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