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The Crew Is Back!

Hello to all! All crews have returned from offworld and all hands are back on deck. Daniel - @Polygonatron Hi Everybody!This week I jumped straight into making another pass over the game to figure out if there are some things that need to make sounds that aren't currently on our...

Got Management? – Astrobase Command Dev Update – 16 April 2018

Adam - @adam_blahuta Hey everybody! With the recent addition of a new programmer, work on save files has picked back up nicely. On top of my responsibilities keeping him unblocked and well-fed with tasks, I've done a bunch of project management work to keep programming clear on its objectives and...

Gunning for Game of The Year: Astrobase Command Gamedev Update: 1 Dec 2017

It's that time of the year! IndieDB's Indie Game of The Year is back up for grabs. We made a good showing of it last year, and hope you'll take a moment to show your support by voting for Astrobase Command. Adam - @adam_blahuta Hey Space-Friends! This week, after taking...
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