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Save Game Loading – Astrobase Command Dev Update – 30 April 2018

Adam - @adam_blahuta Hey everybody! We're a few small tasks away from having functional save files! We're dedicating a bunch of time to testing save/load to identify and fix bugs that inevitably crop up. Since some of those bugs will force us to wipe save files, we're trying to get...

Astrobase Dev Update: Combat, Mining, and Pricing

First off, let's get this serious business out of the way: Go Space Habs, go! Beat the Star Rangers! This zero-g hockey game should be a good one, tonight, folks. Keep your eyes peeled on the projectrons and don't miss a second of the action. May the best spacers win!...

Jellyfish Spreading Round The World

Global Reach It's been quiet for a while because the team was spread across the globe, working our magic on intrastellar goodwill away missions. Although this has slowed our work somewhat, our wayward tribbles are quickly being herded back home where they will be put to good work or tossed...
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