Starting a New Year – Astrobase Command Dev Update – January 4th 2019

This week we’re back to regular blog posts informing you about what’s going on on a week to week basis.
We managed to put out a new alpha build on the 24th along with the last blog post before this one (and we also got out a patch for some bugs on the 28th).
Between then and now we have taken a much needed break over the holidays, making this week a shorter week than usual.
Anyway, without further ado, here are our updates for the week;

Daniel (@Polygonatron)

Hi Everybody!
This year I’ve been working on getting our ducks in a row for the new year and for the next milestone.
We’re taking a long hard look at the state of the game and the processes we used to get there in order to both figure out how to align our actions toward the goal and how to best adjust what we’ve been doing to get the optimal results moving forward.
Oh, and I’m also putting some time into fixing some minor issues that are good targets of opportunity for me.
For example the flight plan printout will no longer display LOCATION but instead it will have printed the name of the actual location.
And the Datapad applications will now look more like they are actually displayed on a CRT monitor.


Hey Guys!
This week I’ve been getting rid of bugs that our Alpha players discovered as well as working on a fallback option to allow older graphics cards to show the new nebulae without crashing.

Dave (@dave_volition)

Happy New Years!
Since we’re entering 2019, I’ve been working on high level design docs for the road ahead and next steps.
Also Cam gave me a great formula for finding and fixing a category of text bugs!

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