Save The Stardate! Astrobase Command Save Game Implemented | Weekly Dev Update – 12 May 2018

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We have some fantastic news this week! Astrobase now saves games.

Gone are the days of wistfully watching your hard work evaporate into the void when you have to shut your computer down. Now you can confidently close the game down to run after your toddler dashing around while holding a hammer high over her head, or switch off to stop procrastinating and get a few hours of work on your term papers. Your crew will be there, waiting for you to return to administer the space slug snot out of them.

We’ve spent a bunch of time testing save files but as this is the first build we’re shipping with them, we expect those of you with alpha access to be posting some crazy and wild bugs in the alpha channel on Discord (!! We’re counting on you to try to play for extended sessions and help us catch those issues early!

While we’ll be working hard to minimize save wipes with upcoming builds, you should expect them this early in the process.

You’ll also find a new slate of audio, including the first track from the soundtrack and a slew of small tweaks and fixes to improve your experience.

See you out there, Commander!

Here are the patch notes for version 0.2.14:


– ADDED SAVE FILES !!!!!!!!!!!!
– Added first track of the game’s soundtrack


– Updated section lighting for greater visual variety
– Emergency lights turn on when a section is non-functional
– Alarm lights turn on during a crisis
– Added lights when characters interact with certain things
– Section lights dim when section is vacant
– Added SFX to datapad programs
– Added SFX to station interaction
– Added SFX to desk interaction
– Updated Species Creation UI
– Storage app tabs no longer have confusing colors
– Sped up datapad cartridge insertion
– Left side of desk freed up by restricting selectable area of filing cabinet to drawers
– Cinematic mode hides character highlights and shows module tops
– Characters now pick different available seats in a location instead of always following the same order
– Exhausted characters now have slowed walk animation


– No longer hide the moon behind the planet on start
– Removed unused section categories from module builder section list
– Module ghost outlines no longer cast shadows
– Characters no longer talk while standing on chairs or at an angle on their beds
– Characters no longer pop into the middle of the station for a frame on recruitment
– Cinematic camera doesn’t keep doors open when you switch back to station camera
– Camera no longer navigates to unpopulated floors outside of construction
– Module builder build team lists no longer spill out onto the rest of the UI
– Vertical connectors no longer have an empty gap exposing crew to the void of space

We do not endorse or recommend giving toddlers hammers to run around with over their heads.

*Professional toddlers in a closed living room. Do not try this at home

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