Procedural Conversations and Feeding the Crew: Astrobase Command Dev Update – 30 Jun 2017

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Adam – @adam_blahuta

Hi everyone,

After wrapping up some of the last core AI behaviors for crew last week, I was able to tackle Dave’s update conversation design. It took some doing, but we now have the ability to describe a two-person conversation!

Once the necessary AI to support crew starting conversations in appropriate contexts is in, you’ll be able to glean a lot about how personality traits affect characters and their relationships from these conversations. I’m really looking forward to finding what you think!


Dave – @Dave_Astrobase

Hey guys!

This week been working on the final pass of the job design, specifically the cases to support an “understaffed” station for the critical jobs, following on the heels of updates to the new player experience. Also, continually going through the remaining tasks for our first access availability and keeping the tasklist as short and up to date as it can be.

Adam has been giving me periodic demos of the implemented convo system, and it looks awesome! Thank you Adam!


Daniel – @Polygonatron

Hi Everybody!
This week I’ve been able to focus largely on working on the graphics (and graphical representations) in Astrobase Command. What this boils down to is me knocking out a bunch of small tasks to avoid them becoming blockers for Adam as he works his way through to Alpha.

Oh, and I also got the chance to work a bit on the visualization of food (and their consumption). This means that you can look at your crews’ plates to get a rough estimate of how far into their meal they are.

Max – @Max_Shields

Hello all!

I spent the week continuing to develop our long term plan. This involves mainly gathering a lot of information and injecting it into spreadsheets.

I also devoted some time volunteering some handiwork for a local organization. I learned the importance of community engagement in the Army, so I am happy and fortunate to be able to continue doing so.

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