Frontier Dispatch – Kickstarter Campaign, Day 4

Hooray! We passed the 25% mark last night, and by start of our fourth day, we’re standing at 26%. We’re pumped and we thank you for the huge part you’re playing in helping Astrobase gain momentum.

We’re not out of the asteroid field yet, though. We’ll be discussing ways you can help in our next campaign update on Kickstarter.

A few other notable events have taken place so far:

A. We’re already at the top of Kickstarter’s Video Game Magic and Popularity charts.
B. We’ve launched our Discord community channel, so drop in and join the fun!

We’re putting most of our efforts on the Kickstarter front for now, but will share any critical information with you here, too.


A reminder: Early Bird pricing ends on May 2nd.

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