Exploding Resources: Astrobase Command Weekly Update – 11 Aug 2017

Adam – @adam_blahuta

Hey everybody!

We’re now few weeks into putting out weekly builds for our Immediate Access folks and we’re getting the hang of things. Along with getting the last of the feature work for the alpha out of the way, we do Bug Fix Fridays where we focus entirely on squashing the most annoying bugs before putting a new build together. Not only does this keep our overall bug list to manageable levels so I don’t die of sleep deprivation in those last few weeks before a major release, but it also gives everyone a reason to mess with the latest build. We get to sync up on the state of the game, try out any new features that were integrated that week and share funny things that come up (funny character names, funny confrontations between characters in conversations, people squatting in the middle of bathrooms, etc.).

This week, I got a chance to take another look at how we set up hull walls based on the contents of a module. Since we’re reacting to a section layout the player creates and that sections can have specific requirements (quadrants without windows e.g. showers), it turns out to had a lot of different permutations and there we a lot of related bugs.

I also wrapped up our resource simulation design features for the initial alpha, namely making sure reactants stored in a module without compartments react with each other and eventually explode, hurting/killing crew and damaging/destroying the module. I even managed to integrate some explosion effects Daniel had ready to make it a little clearer what’s happening.

With that out of the way, I’m now tackling the final big feature before our first Alpha Access build goes out: crew jobs. I’ll have more to say on that next week, once I get further in!

Max – @Max_Shields

Hey all,

I’ve gladly launched back into arting, taking on a new series of datapad icons. Not much to say here, other than it’s a little mind bending to come up with suitable icons to represent things like poo spillages on deck 3.


Daniel – @Polygonatron

Hi Everybody!
This week I’ve mostly been doing admin type stuff, good times!


Dave – @Dave_Astrobase

Hi Everyone,

This week my work was primarily focused on procedural task name generation for the various tasks that characters might do around the station, and also a review of the reactor jobs, and working on a GUI for communicating why an explosion occurred.

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