Exploding GUIs: Astrobase Command Dev Update – 14 July 2017

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay on this post. Here’s last week’s (better late than never!)

Dave – @Dave_Astrobase

Hey guys!

This week been on the GUI task whereby players can detect the various outcomes that can occur as a result of resource interaction gameplay. For example, when the player needs to be alerted to an impending explosion. Also fixing lots of great bugs in the character interaction scripts! Took a peek into the code to hack something in a test environment… was immediately reminded that Adam is a legit programmer!

Daniel – @Polygonatron

Hi Everybody!

This week I’ve been doing some programming on the visual end of stuff. Right now I’m working on an effect that is intended to change the look of modules during placement so to make it easier for the player to see what they are doing when building their station. As you might imagine this is one of those little things that help making the game feel a lot better in the end, especially as all of them add up.

Adam – @adam_blahuta

Hey Space-Friends!

This week I worked on upgrading the module builder program with all the new design bells and whistles Dave finalized in the last few months (new sections, resource definitions, character skills, hull options, etc.). Since UI can be a grueling task, I interspersed that with improvements to the primary camera movement and zooming implementation to allow for more fine-grain calibration. It’ll make it easier for the camera to feel good at different zoom levels!

Max – @Max_Shields

I spent the week on administration before life took over and ended up with the arrival of our first Mini-Jelly. Before you ask, no, I haven’t caught up on sleep yet. 🙂

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