Combustion Plants: Powering Your Way To a Cozier Space Station

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Daniel – @Polygonatron

Hi everybody!

This week I’ve finally gotten back to properly work on more sections or rooms. Specifically I’m working on the Biochemical Plants (power generators, not flowers and such this time).

It’s very nice to be able to work on something less interconnected than GUI for a while as those things (desk stuff for example) have a lot of dependencies that limit their possibility space as they need to do three things; fit well on the desk with the other components, look good, and perform their tasks in an intuitive and useful manner.

Since we are all used to working with computers we’re all very familiar with the powerful functionality you have with them. For example, File Browsers you can easily change the sorting of all your documents in a folder by name, date, type, or size just by the click of a mouse. This is something we easily take for granted and when working with papers on a desk in the real world we know that we can’t those tasks with such ease.

Now, when working on a desk in a virtual space you can do that but want to avoid doing it too much as it can remove from the physicality of working papers on a desk however tempting it might be due to the the added cumbersomeness of being limited to working with a mouse rather than with two hands and ten fingers as you would in the real world.

The Combustion Plant (or, as I like to call it, Stumpy) standing proud in its very own room.

Dave – @Dave_Astrobase

Hey guys!

This week I was deep into missions.

Basically it’s mapping out how character personality interacts with locations on a planet, both interacting with the things that can happen in the locations (every thing from weather and obstacles to minerals and alien life), and the things characters can do (survey the planet, explore, etc), or have happen to them (contract an alien virus, get shot at by an alien probe), interacting with the player objectives, and all feeding into the text generation system which converts the story into text. And then building in the balance, the mission structure, and all of that.

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