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12 Hours To Go – Spacelane to the IndieDB Top 100

2014 Indie of the Year Awards via Indie DB Hi everybody, There are 12 hours left before voting closes on first slice of the IndieDB 2014 Indie of The Year awards. Once voting closes, the top 100 games will be announced, and voting will start over to find the top...

Help us Reach for the Stars

Vote for Astrobase Command as IndieDB's Indie the Year contest There are 3 days left until voting closes on IndieDB's Indie of the Year contest. Please help us make the list by heading over and lending your vote for Astrobase Command.

Weekly Dev Update – December 5th, 2014

Daniel Greetings fellow human beings. This week started with me polishing the 3D UI components as well as adding some new ones. After that I worked on a new layout for the ID cards and for the printed labels on the Datapad cartridges. What's tricky with both of these is...

Weekly Dev Update – November 28th, 2014

Dave This week, I spent some time hooking up outcomes to the happenings in a subplot. Note my test location was a Frozen Lake, and the subplot defines what happens when characters explore that location on a planet for an away mission. There are an asburd amount of unique paths...

Weekly Dev Update – November 21st, 2014

Adam Hey everybody! This week, I focused on un-borking character AI so they could go about their daily routine without freaking out, sleeping all the time or sitting on each other at the lunch table. As entertaining as all that was, it was nice to see the crew getting some...

Face, The Final Frontier

Hi everybody! As I've mentioned before I've been hard at work creating a system and assets to procedurally generate faces. The time has now come to show you guys the first pass. Now, just a little heads up if you manage to read all this text before looking at the...
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