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Weekly Dev Update – May 5th, 2015

Hey everybody! Adam here. Sorry again for the delay on this update! I had a 48-hour game jam this weekend and it ate into my posting time on Friday and completely fried my brain for Monday. Now, oooon with the show! Daniel Hello fellow humans! This week I've actually spent...

Dev Update on Monday

Hey there Astro-friends! We'll be bringing you this week's dev update next Monday. The team have been working their space-butts off!

Weekly Dev Update – April 24th, 2015

Daniel Hi Everybody! Since we last updated you on what was going on a lot of work has been done. For me it's been split into two main chunks of work, space and characters. For the characters I've been adding detail and updating their procedural textures to fully take advantage...

Weekly Dev Update – April 3rd, 2015

Daniel Hi Dr. Nick! These last couple of weeks I've mainly worked on fixing stuff, reworking things and iterating on objects. This isn't very sexy work, it's a lot of grind and technical stuff. But it is something that is vital to an agile and iterative workflow. What would be...

Dev Update on Monday!

Hey there Astro-friends! We'll be posting this week's Dev Update on Monday to let Dave enjoy a long overdue weekend with his beloved. No matter how hard we try, the guy won't take time off, so this is an important event for us! Tune in early next week for our...

Weekly Dev Update – March 20th, 2015

Adam The Unity 5 upgrade brought about a lot of opportunities, both visual and otherwise. I was able to integrate Daniel's new character models, uniforms, body types, genders and all. I was also able to integrate some of the missing UI and wrap up the desk content. I also had...
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