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RTSGuru Interview!

We sat down with the folks at RTSGuru and discussed our origins, inspiration for the game and thoughts on the industry! Check it out!

Briefing Room – Mailing List

Hey everybody! A bunch of people on the forums have been asking us to set up a mailing list, so we've gone ahead and added one to the website sidebar. We'll be giving updates once every so often to sum up development progress, reach out for playtesting and for announcements...

Can You Dig It? – Thoughts On Our Retro Art Style

Given the recent interest in our more art focused posts, we thought it'd be a good idea to talk briefly (and fill them eyeballs with pleasant pictures) about how we went about choosing our art style. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words     Over the course of multiple...

At Face Value: Character Portraits!

We may be going to pun-hell, but at least you get pretty pictures out of it, courtesy of our friend Björn Sorensen. Check out his portfolio! Building a Face This is our first art prototype for building drawn character portraits from various layers. The goal is to combine and re-use...

Modules, Assemble!

Now that we’ve had a chance to get a ton of great feedback (...and friends!) on the visual style of our race creation and various menus and screens, we’ve turned our attention to solving the mechanics of module construction. Modules need to be built by your crew and, like any...

First Media Coverage and 100 Likes!

Sooooo... we ended up on Rock Paper Shotgun today. nnnnngngggggOh my god I can't get over how cool that is! Thanks to Adam Smith for taking the time to visit our little corner of the Internet and help us make some new friends! We've already gotten a lot of love...
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