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Weekly Dev Update – September 18th, 2014

Hey everyone! Now that we've shipped the website, we're excited to start talking about the game on a regular basis again. We're trying to commit to at least 2 posts a week. We'll be doing screenshots/video/general interest posts on Tuesdays and a Weekly Dev Update on Thursdays, where the whole...

Kickstarter Launch!

The Kickstarter campaign is live! Remember, Kickstarter works like this: you don't get charged unless the campaign is successful (the funding goal is met), AND you can change the amount you’re backing at any time during the campaign. It's hard to believe that it's already been months since we launched...

Dammit Jim! I’m a Coder not an Artist!

When you've worked as a game developer in a really big company, it helps you to appreciate the unique challenges of indie game development. When you have to take on all the responsibilities of running a studio and making a game at once, that can take you really far out...

First Audio Interview!

Hey everybody! Just a quick update to point you toward our recent audio interview with SamuraiRabbit! Enjoy and tell us what you think in the forums!

Dobro Dosli to our new Croatian contingent!

Hey everyone! We just got some coverage over on Bug Online (One of Croatia's top IT sites)! Welcome to our new friends!

RTSGuru Interview Part Deux

Hey again everyone! Check out Part 2 of our interview with RTSGuru here!
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