A Small Update – Astrobase Command Dev Update – January 13th 2019

This week we’re back with a new minor build (0.3.2) on the and the regular updates of what our week has been like.

First, let’s look at the patch notes from the new build.

Astrobase Command 0.3.2 Closed Alpha Patch Notes:

– You should no longer be able to land a ship on the local planet without undocking first.
– Datapad Applications should now be prettier and more like as if actually displayed on a CRT monitor.
– Flightplan printouts location fields now print out the actual location instead of “LOCATION”.
– Fixed a bunch of text bugs.

As mentioned, it was a minor patch.
Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Daniel (@Polygonatron)

Hi Guys!
This week I started by wrapping up the work I did last week where the Datapad Screen should now feel a lot more like a CRT than it did before. I’ve been looking into fonts and explosions as well as worked on the art end of something Cam worked on last week, getting the new nebulae to not crash on older graphics cards.

Dave (@dave_volition)

This week I’ve taken a step back to look at the project as whole, and worked on design planning for the coming months. And as always, whenever I play the game and encounter a text bug that offends my eyes, I go in and fix it. Also adjusted some of the emotive names to read better when characters gain or spend them.


This week I’ve been working on the fallback for the nebulae, fixing some bugs, and getting in a new type of section to improve the on-station transportation.

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