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Adam – @adam_blahuta

Hey everybody!

We’re a few small tasks away from having functional save files! We’re dedicating a bunch of time to testing save/load to identify and fix bugs that inevitably crop up. Since some of those bugs will force us to wipe save files, we’re trying to get as much of those out of the way before shipping it.

That being said, this is still alpha and we don’t have a huge QA team to lean on, so we’ll be counting on you to put your investigator hats on and put the system through its paces!


Dave – @Dave_Astrobase

Hey guys!

Last week I finished up the Combat design, was a great design interlude. Switching back to the RPG/Story design, which of course interacts with Combat, as characters have different behaviors based on personality (including in combat!)


Daniel – @Polygonatron

Hello Humans,

Last week I took a well deserved break from planning world domination and had some fun wrapping up the creation and animations of the surveillance drones that are intended to replace the little chat-bubbles currently used to indicate that two of your crew are having a conversation that you might be interested in.


Max – @Max_Shields


I’ve been busy implementing the desktop and datapad audio. Although it’s not totally done, the new soundscape adds a lot of depth to the play experience. The rolodex now flips, papers shuffle and crumple, and there are a whole slew of new bleeps and bloops.


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