3, 2, 1… Abort! Abort! Abort!

Hi everybody!

As you know, we’ve been aiming at releasing Astrobase Command on the 6th of May.

We have through the pre-launch period received key feedback that told us that the learning curve of the user interface was still too steep.
Which is something we have been trying our best to resolve, but we haven’t been able to properly fix the issues in time.

Therefore we’re sad to announce that we’re forced to delay our current launch date.

This means that Astrobase Command will not be released on May 6th, 2021.
We are very sorry for holding of on delaying the launch until it was this late, we were trying real hard to get things sorted until the very last minute and thought we would be able to make it in time.

We know you wanted to see the game released, and we were greatly looking forward to releasing it.

We are very sorry for how this unfolded and want to apologize to everyone.

What now?

We will now take a step back and figure out how much time we need to make the game better for new players and get back to you with a new launch date.
However, we want to make it clear that although we think we have a good solution and we’re doing our best we can’t promise that what we’re trying to do will pan out.

Can I buy the game?

No, for now we will continue to hold off selling the game until launch.
If you’re interested in buying the game please go to our Steam page and Wishlist it.

If you’re a reviewer, streamer, or youtuber, feel free to get in touch for a review copy.

If you have already bought the beta or earlier versions through itch, our website, Kickstarter, or received a review copy you can keep playing the game and will receive any further updates we put out before and after the full launch.

Can I share video or screenshots of Astrobase Command now?

Yes! Starting May 6th you are free to make and share content based on the game.
If you have the ability, please come by our Discord and drop a link to it. We’d love to see what you are making/doing with our game.

This also means that you’re free to share screenshots and video of the game in our general discord channel (although if you’re reporting bugs as a beta player it’s best to keep that in the beta channel).

Again, our deepest apologies for the delayed release.

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