What Kind of Leader Will You Be?

Astrobase Command simulates life on a space station designed and constructed by you, with a deep focus on the personalities and relationships of the characters you recruit on-board.

As the manager of this lone Astrobase in a forgotten corner of the universe, your crew depend on you and each other for their survival. True leadership starts with understanding the personalities of your crew and trusting them to work together to get the job done.

Every choice you make will be the difference between life and death in the void. Do you have what it takes?


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A Different Kind of Base Building Game

Astrobase Command is a space station builder and life simulation all about the procedural personalities of the characters which drive their day-to-day lives.

Survival means getting to know the individuals which comprise your crew, and understanding how their personalities affect the world around them. Will your Astrobase grow and prosper in whatever direction you choose, or will you be fumbling to put out reactor fires while everyone is at each other’s throats?


Current Features

  • Species Creation and Customization: Name your species, choose its core statistics and physical appearance, and also uniform schema!
  • 3D Space Station Construction: Design individual modules from sections and components, and expand your Astrobase by building in any direction.
  • Base Management and Crew Life Simulation: The characters have deep life-cycles. They will eat, sleep, use the toilet, think about life, interact with each other, form their relationships, and work at their job to keep things running.
  • Rich Character Personalities: Watch any character live his or her life, growing and evolving through the subjective experience of their reality!
  • Full 3D Desk GUI: Let out your inner Space Bureaucrat as you interact through a full 3D desk, complete with a state-of-the-art Datapad, your very own document stamp and filing cabinet!
  • Retro Futurism: This game is a love letter to 70’s sci-Fi aesthetics and that era’s visual style!

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