Weekly Dev Update – September 4th, 2015


Hello there fellow cosmonauts!

This week, I spent some time working on an intro sequence for the game, as well as fleshing out the prototype for an updated version of character creation.

Once complete, character creation will now also incorporate Daniel’s blendshaped faces for portraits and will provide a quite unique approach to customizing species appearance!

Sidenote for you space nerds:
Don’t forget to check out the Supermoon lunar eclipse on September 27th, which we won’t see again until 2033!


Hey guys, this week I’ve been wrapping up two of the remaining parts of the procedural heads. Namely the eyeballs and eye hairs (eyebrows and eyelashes).
As I had predicted putting them in would make everything else come together make the faces not induce nightmares. You be the judge.

Fully Procedural Head WIP
Note: All the stuff and bits are now part of the face, no more missing eyeballs.


This week I mapped out the trait/skill interactions & structure of the plotpoints encompassing all the resource rewards that characters may obtain while on a mission. I then wrote the data for 2 of them, and will do the remaining 13 this weekend (it’s easier when you spec them out first).

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