Weekly Dev Update – September 25th, 2015


Hi, everybody!

This week I’ve spent more time looking at optimizations, but mainly I’ve been going through everything and fixing things that needed fixing. Each thing by itself is often pretty small but they add up into being pretty important to fix.


This week was another one of graphical optimizations and moving forward with species customization. It’s turning out to be a bigger feature that we originally thought. But it’s critical to the player’s ability to really have ownership over their species, so we’re giving it the proper attention.


This week I worked on writing plot-point text for the category of plot-points I’m calling “starters” which is the entry point for characters when they enter a sub-location. The starter plot-points interact heavily with traits, so characters may take different actions in the sub-location depending on their personality.

In addition to the starters, I also have challenges and rewards. Rewards are mostly built out, and I’ve been writing new challenges as needed as they are an outcome of possible character action.

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