Weekly Dev Update – October 31st, 2014

Happy Halloween everyone! Are you looking forward to all the discount bite-sized candy tomorrow as much as I am? Anyone?


This week was another big feature implementation week. I wanted to get module destruction done. But, in order to pull this off, I needed to do lots of code re-jiggering to provide a generic approach to object selection (module, section, character, doors, etc.) and context menus for those selected items. This simplified the code significantly and made it easier to manage priority between the different types of objects when I click to select something.

This made it easier for me to define states to the external doors of the module (normal, sealed, always open). Now, we can seal people inside a module by locking all the doors with a single button in the module context menu, as well as evacuate everyone by making the doors only allow passage in one direction (out). We can also open doors into space, but that’s an explicit decision and not just a thing that happens when characters walk by them (wouldn’t be super convenient to vent everyone into space because someone walked in front of an automatic door’s motion detector!)

Finally, since I got pathing working again last week (characters can walk around the station), a bunch of bugs cropped up in new features involving characters that didn’t account for travel time. These ranged from people teleporting across the astrobase to people sitting on each other in the cantina or trying to reserve a seat in the cantina after they had died.


This week has been a blur. Finalized the design, and started the implementation of the story arcs I talked about last time. Trying to get it all wrapped up by Monday.


Hi Everybody! This week, again, I’ve mainly been working on character portraits. In part I have converted assets to an updated style and in part I have been figuring out neat ways to swing graph nodes to accomplish more things at a lower cost to the user(dev). This of course is part of us crunching a little bit in order to get a first playable to a select few testers.

Working with these portraits has given me a chance to get a better understanding of how to segment and layer different aspects that goes into a face, also since I end up creating assets that are isolated from each other I tend to end up staring all day at faces with no eyes, noses, ears, hair, mouths etc or at eyes without irises or pupils. All in all that very much sets the mood for Halloween.

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