Weekly Dev Update – October 2nd, 2014


It’s been another week of jobs and section integration.

The first ones I knocked out were dining areas (cantina, cafeteria, mess hall). Now, when a character gets hungry, they go to their nearest dining area and eat (Food is also a resource in storage now). I also wrote it in such a way as to lay the groundwork for people to go eat at the same time. That way, friends can hang out together, which will make it even more obvious to the player what relationships they have with each other. It will also work nicely for social areas like bars.

Next up were medical treatment centers. So, anyone with medical skills can get assigned to a post there and they go about their research and learning. When someone is wounded aboard the astrobase, they immediately seek medical attention at the nearest treatment center. How good the doctor’s medical skills are determine how much medicine is used from storage, how long it takes, as well as how quickly the wounded character will recover.

Finally, I took care of sensors. So, someone operating the sensors terminal currently scans for new systems to explore. Their skills determine how quickly they find something, how well they can plot a course to it and how much detailed information they have.



This week I have been working on the portrait generation substance (procedural texture) and associated code. Since the results are still in a graphically rough state I won’t show a screenshot. Aside from that I wrote a tutorial on how to make a star field procedurally in Substance Designer for this week’s dev feature.



A few days ago I finished up integrating procedurally generated narratives into missions, as well as character relationship changes as an outcome of those narratives.

Good news: missions are working! And by this I mean “coder done,” in that their entry and exit criteria work, and a mission runs from start to finish across multiple zones on a planet. The mission leader tells people what to do, and they do it, with outcomes based on personality interaction. And the output is correct, and ready to be hooked up to the Datapad GUI.

This week I’ll be writing the objective system and add the first and most basic objective — mining! Mining as a standalone feature is working, so this is a matter of creating a flexible architecture that can empass mining but also all the other objectives we plan for missions!

As always, pipe up in the forums to tell us what you’d like to hear about next! See you next week!

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