Weekly Dev Update – October 17th, 2014


This week, most of my work hasn’t been in implementing cool new features. Since I switched to full-time on the project a month ago, I’ve been doing nothing but coding coding coding. But, since I’m also responsible for pretty much all of Jellyfish’s admin work, I’ve been neglecting the legal, accounting and management aspects of the company.

So, I spent my week on the phone on hold with various government offices, going back-and-forth with our lawyer with contracts and learning everything there is to know about small-business accounting. Thrilling, I know!


This week I finished integrating combat (remember, this includes mining!) into the mission structure… pending a fix for one edge-case bug where characters don’t have armor equipped. And pending no other bugs that was masking.

I also took a look at other things that can happen in the mission, because while we need combat integrated for obvious reasons, missions primarily aren’t about combat (unless the player plans a mission for that specific purpose).


This week I’ve worked on getting visually modular weapons in, mainly melee weapons. I did a bit of work on character portraits and I also created the first visual drafts for a couple of the datapad UI’s.


As always, post in the forums to tell us what you’d like to hear about in upcoming dev features! Have a great weekend, Astro-Friends!

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