Weekly Dev Update – October 16th, 2015


Hey everybody! This week, I worked some more on the LOD system I mentioned last week. I got the asset swapping working on the export process of the sections, but it still needs some work. We should be seeing a significant performance gain from it, but it’s pretty negligible so far.

This means I’m going to have to dive into the Profiler! This is a nifty tool programmers use that is able to break down pretty accurately how the system resources are being used by the code and assets that make up a game. With this, I can detect any obvious red flags, like the lighting system taking up too much computation time for shadows or low-priority code taking incredibly long times to execute.

Wish me luck! If I disappear, someone please feed my cat.


Hello fellow humans.
I too am made of flesh and my skeleton is most assuredly made of bone, just like yours.
Also, my flesh is coated in organic skin that has follicles from which strands of protein filament grows entirely naturally. Mostly on the top of my head.

In other news, I’ve been working on making new outer shells to the modules that can fit with all the existing content (sections) but break up the external station visuals, as they risk being too similar.

If I were to disappear, tell my cat (who is totally not a robot) “10100010010010101111000”


Hi! This week I added a whole pile of words to my wordbank to aid storygen, then continued writing plotpoints. I also made a tool that told me word distributions in generated sentences, so we can ensure you don’t see the same word coming up over and over.

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