Weekly Dev Update – November 6th, 2015


Hey everybody!

This week I caught up on a bunch of pending graphics tasks, including finally getting the LODs exporting correctly, getting in some new assets and fixing some outstanding visual glitches we were dealing with.

The hope is to get everything up to the same level graphically so Daniel can evaluate it as a whole and iterate on it accordingly.


Hi guys.

This week I’ve started out continuing the work to add more visual variation of the external view of a station. Since Adam finished the LOD export stuff I then switched over to doing several passes over all assets and rooms(sections) to align them with the updated requirements. Basically a lot of repetitive technical work that isn’t quite repetitive enough to be scriptable.


I have 3 more to go, and then I will have done a first pass on all the plotpoints we determined were necessary for the first playable procedural narrative generation feature.

I was going to go a bit into details, but I didn’t want to give the competition a heads up. 🙂 After those three are done, I still have to go back over the lot with the new data tools and make adjustments. But it’s a lot easier to improve something that exists than to do from scratch so hopefully the most grueling part is done.

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