Weekly Dev Update – November 20th, 2015


Hi Everybody!

This week I’ve been remaking the garden (again). This has been one of the sections that I’ve not been happy about, resulting in several re-makes of it. Now I’ve arrived at a base of it that I like a lot more. This of course means I needed to remake the plants. And it being part of a visual polish type pass on my part I felt it was finally time to abandon Unity’s built in tree-creator tool and switch to the standard SpeedTree.

Of course, I can’t just have one section with good looking plants and the rest looking bad, so this means I have to remake all the existing ones. Not that we have a crazy amount of plants, but it still adds to the amount of work I need to do.


This week I worked on 2nd pass of the narrative gen text seeds. It’s coming along great. And since this task is really the base-case for the feature to have something for implementation, working through more complex examples and generally mapping out the the next steps of it has been in my mind.

I’ve also had a foray into business development side of things. While not terribly interesting to talk about, as we move closer to an Early Access build that sort of thing starts to become important.


Hey there Spacers!

This week, I worked on how modules are being assembled using some new assets Daniel put together. They provide improved lighting in hallways, as well as unique hull assets depending on the hull type used in module construction.

This also allowed me to iterate on how we load these assets for assembly, which smooths out our loading process somewhat.

Finally, I spent some time architecting the basis for our save system and am really satisfied with the result. It’s rare that a coder can write something he’s confident will last him for years almost as-is.

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