Weekly Dev Update – November 14th, 2015


Hey everybody!

This week, I made a little more progress on some graphics changes, but mostly have to take care of some post-end-of-fiscal-year paperwork (Jealous?).

We also took some time to discuss our community’s requests for clarification on our release schedule. We’re putting together a handy graphic for the main site that’ll clarify what our different release versions are, what features you can expect in each and where we’re at amidst all those.


Hi Guys!

This week I’ve overhauled some sections that needed a bit of love. Sometimes what happens is that something is made early on, before the art style was nailed down as much, and sometimes it’s a matter of assets not looking quite good enough.

Oh and the Windows on my laptop decided to just stop working. That was fun.


I expect to have the plot points and the associated text all wrapped up this week. My ABC development time has been working towards that end. I have already started organizing the data for the associated db work, and thinking about what the underlying class structure in the code will look like. Definitely “over the hump” on this feature!

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