Weekly Dev Update – May 27th, 2016


Hey everybody!

This week was spent working on the mission datapad program. It involves mission planning, listing ongoing missions with their status and having an archive of past mission reports.

The funny thing about UI work is that the underlying logic is generally pretty simple. It’s getting the user experience right that takes the most time. What is critical to communicate to players and in what order? What does this mean for the layout? A screen packed with too much information can be intimidating and unpleasant. However, spreading that information over too many separate screens can make it difficult to see the whole picture and make informed decisions.

Luckily, player feedback usually helps with this challenge. We can implement the simplest version with all the features represented and then see how well people understand things, analyze their decision making process. I’m really looking forward to having that dialogue with the community.


Hi Everyone!

Towards the end of this week I’ve been working on making more sections. Specifically I’ve been looking at ones related to the power game.

However, the week started with tweaking the smoothness of the skin texture generation presets. That then had knock-on effects where I needed to tweak the lights in our “photobooths” where we render previews for species creation and other things. The smoothness (as part of a metallicity/smoothness PBR specularity setup) helps define the internal volume and shapes of a mesh as it’s struck by light.

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