Weekly Dev Update – May 20th, 2016


Hey Space-Friends!

I started the week by wrapping up some critical desk interaction, namely the ability to dump rejected recruitment forms into the trash. I also had a chance to discuss the new mission planning flow with Dave and am in the midst of implementing that! That would represent the last major feature before we can start small scale playtesting so we’re looking forward to it!


This week I got about 1/3 of the way through a list of 6000 adverbs, with the task of categorizing and entering the usable ones into the word bank (for procedural text gen) or using their stem as trait names. It was quite interesting to discover how many common words I employ every day without knowing the precise, exact, or complete definition. Somewhat connected to this task is further refining certain elements deep within the trait system, as many of its parts have a chicken/egg connection.


Hi Everybody!

This week I’ve been working on getting more sections ingame. This starts with me figuring out what the essence of the section is and how to show that visually while keeping to the art style. Then I create any unique/new meshes required and place them in a new scene. After I create the visuals for a section it needs to have a pathing network placed so the crew knows where things are and how to get there.

Once that’s done I export the section and edit the database to make it available ingame. I then launch the game, go through the module building game flow and build it in a station. If that runs without errors it’s ready to be hooked up to the gameplay logic side by Adam.

The recently created Bulkhead section neighbouring the cozy Holding Cell.

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