Weekly Dev Update – May 15th, 2015


Hello Humans!

This week I’ve been doing various things. A bit of fixing UV’s, some behind the scenes work. added cracks to the types of moon features, and so on. Oh and I’ve been working on the hairstyles, after doing a pass over the clothes the hair stood out a bit much, in a bad way. So I decided it was time to do the same to them, so I’ve been sculpting hair quite a bit, but its not finished yet so theres nothing really to show you guys today. Maybe next week.


This week has been a torrent of business paperwork bullshit responsibilities, including payroll, immigration, banking and so on. As such, I’ve only had a little time to continue work on the existing tools from last week to help Daniel in his section integration work.

This weekend will be another round of build stabilization and maybe, if I’m lucky, I can continue working on connectors.

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