Weekly Dev Update – March 7th, 2015


While Adam was working on the upgrade to Unity 5, I decided to tackle the largest unsolved design problem with missions which is making the traits fundamental to the character decision making. It can’t be +1 here -1 there, it has to be integral to the system.

Because I need the game to be able to say “this is an ethical decision, and ethical people do A and unethical people do B” (just using ethics as an example of one of the MANY possible aspects of a character personality).

Because Astrobase isn’t content-driven, I can’t just write it into some contrived custom narrative. Basically I need a novel solution here, that is simultaneously transparent (since I need to put procedural narrative on top of it that that describes why person A made choice X), deep, and meaningful. This is our core gameplay for missions, and I’m getting close to something but it’s not quite there yet.


As we gradually approach our target functionality for Alpha 1, Dave and Daniel have had opportunities to play the game more and more. As such, they’ve rained down a torrent of bugs, usability issues and the like that I’ve done my best to tackle as they came in.

I also spent some time working on upgrading our project to Unity 5, which was recently officially launched. This was a welcome upgrade as it came with a whole slew of performance improvements, as well as providing Daniel with a bunch of new graphics toys to play with to pretty the ol’ game up!


Hi Everybody. This week I’ve been doing a polish pass and playtesting to figure out what i need to do to polish best. Before you get too excited, this is really only for me as art needs quite a bit more time when polishing than the other disciplines.

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