Weekly Dev Update – March 5th, 2016


Hi Everybody!

This week I’ve been continuing work on station sections. Also I’ve worked on an accompanying complex effect, combining several particle systems and light animations to achieve the right feel.

I’m holding off on telling you guys any specifics and showing it off for two reasons; firstly we need to save some things to reveal on launch. And secondly it’s not quite finished yet, close but no cigar.


Finally solved the giant Rubics Cube / Sudoku puzzle that was the balancing system for traits! Next up is going through the items and creating all the traits that follow the pattern specced out from the balancing. It was important to get this right because it’s the backbone of the entire personality and story features.


Hey there!

This week, I was busy with other business for the company. However, I did have a chance to speak to some colleagues of mine who specialize in AI to sanity check my implementation. I wanted to ensure that it would be possible to make crew members that are interesting to watch, can exhibit unique behaviors and will be easy to expand upon over time.

Needless to say, we have a lot of great ideas about where to take Astrobase Command in the future and want to ensure we put in place the right foundation to allow for that.

Next week, I’ll be proceeding with the actual brain transplant for our crew members. Wish me luck!

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