Weekly Dev Update – March 20th, 2015


The Unity 5 upgrade brought about a lot of opportunities, both visual and otherwise. I was able to integrate Daniel’s new character models, uniforms, body types, genders and all. I was also able to integrate some of the missing UI and wrap up the desk content. I also had an opportunity to fix some early usability bugs (turns out it’s tricky having 3D GUI!).

This week has been spent mostly on some new Datapad programs, including the Equipment Manager. Once complete, it will allow us to managed gear assigned to characters in our crew. Since away teams sent out on missions have almost no chance of survival (what with the obvious environmental hazards), it’s a vital step of mission planning.

Here’s a little taste of the updated desk, as well as some of the characters in the background. See you next week!



Hi Everybody! Last week I spent looking at how we can best utilize the new shiny toys Unity 5 brings graphically. Since we’re a procedural game small changes tend to have big impacts compared to something more linear where you’d just make sure that the level looks good as it is right then and there. Just as the week before where I spent a lot of time running the game to figure out how to polish it best.

This week I’ve been re-lighting all the different rooms to get things aligned with what we can now do. It’s looking sweet if I do say so myself.

However I do prefer to hold off on showing it off until we’re sure its something we have enough performance to do in the actual game, since everything is procedural I work on the different rooms separately. Fingers crossed.


I took a bit of a breather this week waiting for code to come online that allows me to implement missions in such a way I can test them every step.

Breather was spent refining the mission design spreadsheets, tweaking stuff, and generally making sure everything is well organized and ready to go. Essentially, we’re talking “design polish” time, which I was very glad to have.

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